Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Smile

The smile. A universal language indeed. At work, one of our motto's is 'People can hear your smile'. Although we are on the phone with our client, we are to smile. The smile affects the pronunciation of our words believe it or not. In essence it tends to add a skip to our voice, that 'it's a good day and I would like to share it with you' attitude. Well, perhaps not THAT extreme, but why not.
The smile does not cost us anything, there is no risk. However the benefits are extraordinary. A smile can change a mood in another, it can ease the common pain. When timed just right, it can share a tender 'I love you.' All the while, the smile can be self absorbed. The one wearing the smile can be changed in an instant.
The smile. Chose it. Wear it. Pass it on!
~ DeDe