Saturday, May 29, 2010


BORED. Bored I tell you! After a long day of 'catch up' with chores I sit down, all ready to enjoy some good quality, (preferrably romance) television, but what do I find ... NOTHING! All these channels and not a good thing to watch.

SLEEP. Sleep I tell you! After a short period of time of channel surfing, I now turn the lights off on television watching.

Good night.

~ DeDe

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Office I go ...

Tomorrow I begin my new job. I have not been in an 'office' setting for nearly 20 years. Apparently I will be working closely on a team of about 12 people. What an adjustment this will be. Spending 8 hours sharing ideas, solving problems, earning a buck.

I feel like a school girl, picking out what I will wear, organizing my yellow legal note pad AND packing my lunch.

I have this ... um ... side of me that LOVES a good prank. However, I have decided to lay low for a bit, giving my co-workers time to adjust to me. THEN, I will stealthily with great creativity share from my lovely decorated bag of got'chtya.

Until then ... to the office I go ...

~ DeDe

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Okay to Question?

"God is God and THAT is good enough for me." That statement is true of my heart, mind and soul. BUT, I am learning it is OKAY to be honest with Him, even question Him. I know many would fidget and become uncomfortable with the encouragement to do so.

God purposely inspired the stories to be told throughout history of folks just like YOU and me. Moses questioned God's choice of him to go, tell and deliver. God allowed Gideon the time to process through and fit into the title of 'mighty warrior'. Abe, negotiated with God for the town of Sodom.

Now, we can't forget good ole Peter, the guy was right there with honesty. Let's be frank here .... Jesus lived and walked this earth, yes, sinless but He KNOWS the 'stuff' we have to face.

He knows our hearts... He knows the mulling over of thoughts in our minds ... He knows the frustration of circumstances. Why not inter-act with the Immanuel - the with us of God.
I am THERE, in the questioning mode... and I am confident, it is by invitation from my God. Yes, it is okay to question, in reverence, NOT questioning His divinity, but 'help me to understand'.
~ DeDe