Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Wheels on the bus ...

"The wheels on the bus go round, and round, round and round ..." (sing it with me!) Now, next verse ... "The moms stand and yell FINALLY school, FINALLY school..." I am kidding of course! Well, maybe not for some of us.

I adore my boys, but at 10 and 16 boredom raised it's ugly (and I mean UGLY) head way too many times this summer.

As the days drew closer to the first day of school, there was conversation of supplies, clothes, classes, teachers. It was all a blur to me as I raised a heart felt "THANKS" ... to God.

Awe, what is THAT? Do you hear it? NOPE. It is quiet, (said with a gentle whisper) Even though my routine is the same: make the beds, wash clothes, clean the kitchen and bathrooms. I can actually hear my own thoughts, that alone can be scary at times. HGTV beats out Sponge Bob for back ground noise, all the while inspiring me, sorry Sponge Bob.
School is in session.
Brought to you by yet another happy mom
~ DeDe