Saturday, October 25, 2008

THAT Takes Courage

Y esterday, I walked my son into school, HIGH SCHOOL! My goal was to make it to the administration office, clearing him to be gone on a hunting trip. As I walked across the cement walk ways, I shivered, and mind you it was not just due to the chilly fall air.

As those glass doors opened, I felt myself react involuntary, a slight fear over took me. Hundreds ~ HUNDREDS of kids! I have never felt so short. Here I am, a middle aged woman, dwarfed by the next generation. I can plainly see that black is the color choice of these mini adults.

We made it safely into the sanctuary of the office, as we entered into the more quiet arena, I said to my son 'THAT took courage", apparently stating that with the deafening ear I had obtained in the hall way, I said it rather loud, the staff members all burst out in laughter, as one echoed my declaration with her own "you got THAT right".

The high school I attended was very small, and those joining me in numbers was represented in the door way of my sons school. HOW do they do this, day in and day out. I asked my son, if this was the layout of a normal day, "Yep". Hm... no wonder our youth are timid in some ways, and screaming for attention in others. They can't get past the front doors without being impacted by a crowd.

THAT takes courage. May our youth be 'girded' with God.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have the wonderful privilege of doing research for my pastor, this week I was commissioned to pull out the text books and look at faith ...

The bible speaks of faith, and faithfulness, over 60 times it refers to the faithfulness of God, 40 of those instances occur in the Psalms. Not surprising as Psalms tends to be a book of transparency of heart, written sonnets if you will, of the struggles of the Godly AND their total dependence on God being faithful.

It is taking this commitment that God has to us, and wallpapering our hearts with it (ok, a little too poetic, but true). Faith (faithfulness) in the Greek is 'pistis' it is translated faith, belief, trust and conviction. In some respect, faith is a very intimate concept, it is that 'firm conviction of the truthfulness of God'. Applying who God is ~ what God says to my life, and then responding back to Him in that understanding. Literally it is to win over, to persuade. God's desire is to win us over... win us from the world, its pull, its distractions, its impending doom. Once fully convinced of the righteous motivation of God for us, His love and mercy, THEN we too take on a carefulness in preserving what is committed to our trust ... to share God with others.

Faith ...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dwelling Relationship

Interesting, hm... interesting. Last night at bible study, we were looking at the Tabernacle of Moses, absolutely LOVE this study. During the teaching video, I was off on my own little jaunt, not that she wasn't interesting enough, but God had me else where for a few minutes.

I noticed that God wanting to dwell with us, takes many shapes and forms, twists and turns. What jumped out at me was, that the God who created the universe, whose throne is heaven and foot stool is the earth, He too created the first dwelling place with man. Genesis 2:8 says "... the LORD God had planted a garden..." God planted the garden, and brought man there. Adam came to God's place (in a sense).

To make a long story short, man mucked things up, got kicked out of God's place. BUT... God still wanted man. Fast forward. Exodus 25, God is telling Moses about building the Tabernacle. He says, "...have them make a sanctuary for Me, and I will dwell among them." Hm... now man is to do the making. Man is to construct, create the dwelling place. WHY? Why, when the all powerful God, could have just spoke, and the Tabernacle would be.

The first dwelling in the garden was free, man just was, God walked with man. Man named the animals, found a woman there, yes paradise. Life was good. God created for man. This new dwelling place is in the WILDERNESS! Dusty, no rivers flowing, no endless supply of food and water. Man now created for God. There was work, participation required, sacrifice. Man had to find the supplies, use his own resources. It was going to cost man.

Amazing. God calls us to a dwelling relationship. It may cost us. Sacrifice, participation, the use of our resources. In all essense... we are created for God, while we in turn, we make room, if need be, CREATE room for God to dwell with us.

Yes, these thoughts are extreme, and not complete, but they helped me to see and understand God's desire for man, and in that desire, He desires to see man ... desire HIM.