Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I love this time of year. The changing of the seasons, from summer to autum. The colors are so vibrant. The smells potent. The air crisp. There are times I walk outside and just take a huge breath, breathe in the wonder of the season.

I enjoy also the beckoning of a patchwork blanket in the evenings, the lighting of candles, the warmth of a fire. Early mornings when the house is hushed, dim with light, I frequent the eastern picture window, as the sun rises. Bringing with it the color as if brushed with the artists hand, hues of water splashed with color. Pinks, yellows, and orange. The colors of ... joy.

I love this time of year. Seasons of the heart.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Walk With Me

"Walk with me, this morning", says the Lord. The morning is lovely. The air so fresh it nearly takes your breath away. Drink it in again, and again, intoxicate yourself with the newness of the day, as My mercies wash over you. I smile with overcome joy, as you join me.

Take My hand as I share My creation with you. The trees are dancing to the breeze, light, yet consuming as the leaves are taken to flight and whispped away. The colors are a soft blend of oranges, yellows and reds often not found in a crayon box, though bold and sensational.

"Look up..." our heads tilting to the sky. Dazzling ~ the brilliance of shining blue, I polished it with My own hand ... just for you. The depth of blue is more captivating than that of sapphire, is it not? What contrast of blue and swaying orange. Can you feel the lean of the trees as they match the wind with movement? Hear the rustle of leaves as they rub against one another? It is as if a ballet of sorts is birthed, bending and swaying, leaps and delicate stretches. The dance of the leaves.

"Walk with me", as we near a covered bridge, where swallows have made their home, dashing about only to make their presence known. Our feet blow the leaves away with each step, causing too the crunch of those left under foot.

Pausing now, we peek out the wood carved window on the bridge, leaning to see the river pass below. A rhythm, swift, moving along as destined, just as My lovingkindness flows for you, always going, never stopping.

Further still we meander, no hurry, following the road paved with small pebbles and crushed rock. The path straight and inviting. Trees lining the road as if saluting us, while branches wave as welcoming banners. Off to the left a meadow, open and grand. Here too we stop and admire the open spaces of My kingdom, room to run and freedom to be. My hand defines the spaces, My hand creates the road, My hand directs the breeze.

"Walk with me", as we venture on to a serene intimate pond. Our gaze fixed on the hugues of color, the tantalizing stillness. The water as it trickles over the stone. Quiet, so quiet... demanding even sound to stop and admire the beauty. Awe inspiring isnt it? Take in the moment and etch it in your memory.

Stepping softly away as not to tamper with My divinely painted corner, leaving it as your eyes first saw it. Picture this when you feel the brush of My finger across your cheek, whispering "be still and know that I am God.."

"Walk with me", as our journey continues from one land scape to another. Enjoying the pleasure of My company, receiving My acceptance as you are. See what I see, hear what I hear, and feel what I feel. The beauty created by My presence, the path goes on. "Walk with Me again."

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Time to Play

I am learning to 'play'. I NEED to play. Take time, energy and seek things, events, and people that cause me to enjoy life a little more. Last night I went to a High School football game. A dear friends son, is a senior and wears proudly number #62. I didn't really have a clue what was going on down on the field, but I did enjoy the energy in the stands as the burgundy team ran across the end zone carrying the leather ball.

Play. Mr. Webster describes play as to 'have fun, and amuse oneself.' Hm.. self inflicted amusement. Never thought of it that way. I think I can do that. So, I will put on some weird glasses (my son and I on vacation, as we 'played' in the store) continue to dance down the isles at the store (to my boys horror) and sing alittle louder, stay a little longer during the sunset, smile bigger, eat more chocolate, wander the isles of the Goodwill (its the hunt) even swing on the swing at the park, yell at a football game. All the while define it as 'self inflicted amusement'. Whahoo, bring on the amusement!

Time to play...