Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nothing But Time

This week I spent a few days on the farm. My family and I made the 3 hour trek up North into Washington. Visiting some dear friends of mine, she, a mother in the Lord, hosted us graciously. (yes, this is me pictured 'walking a goat')

Life on the farm is slow compared to the city life, BUSY but slow paced. I needed that pace for a few days. When you slow down, the thoughts in your head are much clearer. Nothing but time to think.

One morning, I strapped on my MP3 player, coat and with a mug of French Vanilla coffee drink I headed out for a 2 hour walk. I walked and walked. Around the little community, sat on the dew soaked swing at the school yard, on the steps of the classrooms as I sipped my coffee drink. A couple of deer stood and watched as I meandered about. I soon headed down to the field. Through the barnyard, down the dusty drive, pass the electric fences.

Once in the pasture, the atmosphere changed. The quiet. A 100 acres around me of quiet. Nothing but time to think.

Think and pray. I am now back home in the hustle and bustle of fast paced city life, but the thoughts from the quiet I bring with me.

Nothing but time...

Friday, August 8, 2008

I Can't see ...

"I can't see ~ I can't see, there's something (almost) in my eye!" The cries of a new wearer of contacts. Personally I feel if Jesus had preached His sermon on the Mt. regarding the 'log in your own eye', using modern analogy, a contact would indeed be used! O the PAIN!

I have yet to have a successful landing. Laugh you might, but nay I travail! Amazing, how the eye closes and cries profusely when the finger comes near. I weep like a child on the first day of school, carrying on so. I made 3 attempts today, and gave up only after a puddle of cleaning solution began to flow across the bathroom counter.

Tomorrow. A new day! I will yet again, fight the good fight!

ps... stop laughing at me.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Did I Mention Sun!

I now sport a T-shirt that says "I survived CAMPING". Totally kidding, but hey it may sell! I am not big on camping, now give me a cozy cabin near a lake with the faint sound of a loon signing its love song out my window, the rhythmic beat of the breeze making its way through the trees, while the sun dances across the water as if to skip with delight. Then yes, bring on camping!

REALITY CHECK ... nope. Tent. sleeping bag. Dirt. Smoke in eyes. RAIN! Yes, rain, the last day as I awoke tangled in my sleeping bag, I heard the slight pat of the rain drops as they fell on the tent. My heart sank, I knew that being this high in elevation, that those small water droplets will indeed turn into a gust of wind, and hurricane force rain torrent. Ok, so I exaggerate a bit. But we did end up packing up everything BUT the kitchen sink, in the rain, soaked to the bone. A 3 hour journey folks! That is what was predicted with Gilligan's tour was it not?

We did have 2 glorious days of sun - sun and did I mention SUN! I took the opportunity to sit near the waters edge for my morning devotions. A place where I return to each year. Quiet and soothing. At one point my oldest son and myself found a wonderful spot (where the above picture was taken of Mt. Hood) to read and soak in the warmth of the mountain air. As we did a bald eagle swooped down in front of us.

A tradition ~ frog hunting. Yes, this bible thumping teacher loves to frog hunt. My son and I hike a short distance to a small pond, it is hidden amongst the trees so tight, I have never seen anyone else there. (Joshua pictured above at pond) I love the hike, to chat with my 15 year old, is special and memorable. The frogs? Two came home with us.
The days crossed off the calendar, an adventure survived.