Sunday, July 27, 2008

Note to Self

Note to self: Reminder ~ Enjoy the SUNSHINE! I love a beautiful sunny morning. There is joy in a morning walk, when my surroundings have that fresh scent, perhaps the ground still damp with the dew, and the birds singing their glorious morning hymns.

I have been reminded lately to 'enjoy'. Enjoy my surroundings, enjoy those in my life and for crying out loud have some FUN! Over the past few years, I have taken on a serious tone, I am ready and open for BALANCE!

I was asked recently "DeDe what do you do for fun?" the question was followed with a quick "besides your focus on Bible Study." Hm... I couldn't answer her. Yet the first thought that came to mind was, I have a very mischievous side to me that the Lord has needed to temper, yet there are moments of relapse and remnants of 'fly under the radar and be a prankster'. But, being the Godly Spirit-filled woman that I am, I chose NOT to share this (in a room FULL of gals).

So, I have been on a quest for FUN. Just days after the fun question was asked of me, I was given the offer to learn Italian with a dear friend. HEY, that is it! It's not Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic... so I can officially label it as FUN!

So make a note to yourself ... in search of FUN! (fly under the radar if need be, TP a house or two ~ smile)

Vedere tu in chiesa, Dio tu benedica (see you in church, God bless you)

ciao DeDe

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I don't know if your house is quiet or not, ours rarely is. With 2 strapping boys in the house there is always some form of ... NOISE.

On holy occasions, a calmness comes over the home, yet it is short lived. I am learning in these moments there are 2 directions I take. The first, the sense of "aaahhh" quiet. Join me will you? Close your eyes and enjoy it! I mentally bottle it and tuck it away for the more insane times. The other, I take advantage of the ability to actually hear my voice. So I do the mom thing ... I YELL! I was a cheerleader in school so I know how to really belt it out there! To the boys surprise, I yell something kind and loving. It brings them out of their stupor, and take notice of what I just said.

In these moments I simply yell... (usually from the other end of the house) "MATTY" (pause...) he hesitantly responds ... yelling "what?" Continuing in my mom tone ... "I LOVE YOU!" He again, yells back "Oh, okay... I love you too."

In a sense it has become a fun game - a game that THEY are unaware that they are playing. Yep, being a mom can be so fun at times!

May we take more opportunities to YELL! Psalm 107:2 "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so..." (ok, SLIGHTLY out of context, but used with enthusiasm!)

~ DeDe

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sun Spot !

Sunshine what a glorious warming sensation. A couple of close friends and myself tease about the sunspot that may appear early morning on the floor under the window and the longing to make oneself comfy right in the middle of it.
I followed such a longing a couple of days ago. It was late morning and the sun was shining so brightly and invitingly on the made bed, that I just HAD to succumb to its invitation. I opened the window wide open, with a chill still in the air, I grabbed my light weight quilt and wrapped myself in it. Eyes closed I could feel the sun bathe me with its rays.

Even with the next door construction noises beyond my window, my youngest son sitting next to me chattering on about an upcoming camping trip, I was soon fast asleep.

Sonshine such a glorious warming sensation. Yet, just like that of the sunspots of the morning, we need to POSITION for HIM. See the invitation. Open wide the window, sense Him beyond the noise, get comfy and allow Him to bathe us with His rays, His presence.

Enjoy the sunspots of the Sonshine!

~ DeDe

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It is GOOD to Know

I am sitting here in front of the fan, attempting to stay cool, it is 6:30(ish) in the evening and still a balmy 91 (pant, pant). For the last hour I have been so enjoying myself in spite of the heat. I have visited website after another describing in detail Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the church doors. I then followed along the ravaging journey of Doeg the Edomite as he kills the priests while in Saul's pursuit of David. Looked at Moses as he crossed over onto dry land and begins to sing praise with Miriam "The LORD is my strength and my song, He has become my salvation".

All this for class this week. I may spend a couple of hours and pages of notes, to make a one sentence statement, but I will make the statement in confidence and enjoy the ride along the way. I am learning, that it would take a person who is totally nuts, who sits with a lap full of open books, slips of paper all over her desk, with scribbled notes, indicated with arrows and underlined words, glasses sitting on the end of her nose JUST to ... understand. Totally nuts, yes I am sure, but it is days like today ~ I smile. I think "I SOOO LOVE my job." (if only I got paid for it in hard core CASH)

It is GOOD to know that there is a purpose to my madness. And I can almost smell the lavender as I type my findings.

Go God! Do Your Stuff!

~ DeDe

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Confessions of a Girlie Girl!

I tend to be quite geeky. I LOVE a good word study of the Hebrew or Greek. I take the Mounce's Complete Expository Dictionary to bed as reading material. Yes... nerdy. Many prefer a fictional novel, I reach for a commentary. Some surf the Internet for decorative sites on how and where to purchase the egg shell glossy paint for their dining room. Me, I am reading an article on "Atonement found in the propitiational holiness of Christ's sacrifice."

For my last birthday I was given "Notes, Explanatory and Practical on the Gospels" written by Albert Barnes, 1857 edition. Now THIS is a treasure, and has a distinctive place of honor in our living room. My friend knows me well.

HOWEVER. I DO have a girlie side. A dear pastor friend of mine from the East Coast, teases me that I am too geeky to enjoy girlie things. He, whom I chat with regularly about theological and doctrinal statements. I will have him know, yesterday I went to a 'Tea", (said in your most feminine tone). I sipped tea, splashed with just a hint of milk in a pleasantly painted rose china cup. I ate small adorable finger sandwiches, laced with cream cheese. And YES, I listened to the ladies as they described (in detail, said exhausted breath) their favorite recipes. But will add, as my mind began to wander, there were a few ingredients I didn't have a glue what they were, and suspect that even Martha Stewart would search high and low for such items.

I may wear reading glasses and prefer the company of the stories of Moses as he treks across the desert land. BUT ~ I am quite fond of lace, I enjoy the soft glow of a candle at night. To sit and watch a love story on TV, while snuggled in a warm blanket is my choice for a rainy day. I wear Chloe perfume, and LONG to have my nails pampered with a French manicure. It is extremely important to me to have wonderfully - cute stationary on hand to send to folks, feeling it is a lost art to send mail ... in the MAIL.

I desire the touch of soft fabrics, lavender is my favorite color and fragrance. And yes, I WILL tell ALL - "I cry at Little House in the Prairie!" Who wouldn't when Pa holds Half Pint in his arms while tears roll down his cheeks!
Geeky - yes. Girlie too.
Here's to being girlie! (While a Concordance is tucked under my arm)
~ DeDe

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

You would think it was Christmas in July around our house. My boys LOVE the fireworks, fire crackers and smoke bombs, all three boys (this includes my hubby). The louder, the screechier, and the stinkier the BEST.

This morning we went to the city parade, had candy thrown at us. Watched the pooper scooper's do their job in behind the horses and the crowd applaud them. What gets me every time is when the American veterans come through, people stand to their feet in honor.

There is alot of joy to see red, white and blue painted on the children's cheeks, small flags waving in their hands, and the awe of the clown riding on the unicycle. There were marching bands, John Deer tractors, the smiling face of this years Washington County Dairy Queen.

Personally, I must add, one of my most favorite parts of the day is at home, with close friends over, talking laughing, eating. THEN ... after the BBQ has served it's primary purpose, we ROAST MARSHMALLOWS! There is the fine art of slow rotation, smooth soft glow of brown... mmmmm.

This day of celebration did not come without a cost. We tend to forget the pain, the agony, the sacrifice that leads up to the point of celebrating. May we all appreciate and strive to contain an attitude of gratitude for those that came before us.

Thank You Jesus for Your extended release of grace upon us! Thank you to those who fought for a cause, and died for liberty.

ps... ever watch fireworks with 3D glasses, its a trip!

~ DeDe

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

There is FREEDOM

In this season of my life, I struggle with WANTING to get comfortable with what and where God has me. But just as I take a seat and begin to shift around like that of a cat, finding just the right comfy spot ~ BAM! God has me up - on my feet and moving again. There goes the comfy, grab a blankie, sit quietly holding a mug of hot chocolate scenario. Alright, for fun throw in an old black and white movie!

Yesterday, I spoke to a gal on the phone, whom I introduced myself to her, her response was "Is this DeDe, the teacher?" This took me back a moment, quickly recovering, I answered "Yes, yes it is." To have someone refer to you with a title, can be intimidating.

Moments later I read this quote, God has a way of quieting our soul doesn't He!

"Recognize your spiritual identity. God is the only one who can label us. He gives us our identity. Knowing who you are is dependent on really knowing who He is." - Priscilla Shirer

Who I am and KNOWING who I am ~ depends on knowing ... HIM! WOW, this will take some time to have it really register, take root and grow within me.

There is freedom in the fact that GOD tags me, God defines who and what I am. And I CAN be comfortable in the 'up on my feet and moving again.' It is so taxing - EXHAUSTING - to TRY to play God in my life, HE is SOOO much better at it! Hands raised, songs of praise, Thank YOU Jesus!

In my life long process of knowing Him, I am who HE says I am, "DeDe the teacher."

~ DeDe