Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spaghetti on the Wall

Do you have friends like I do, those whom make you laugh, giggle and pull the weird side out of you? Well, I do. And I LOVE them. We email every day - throughout the day. Yes that is alot of white computer screen conversations. These two gals are pure fun.

Last night we served together in the kitchen at church, preparing to serve an Italian dinner for the youth in honor of Marisa one of the youth workers. Most of the time we were alone, don't worry, God was there to protect the kitchen. Especially when Gloria had the lighter and was lighting the gas stove, while Roberta and I graciously, fled to the corners of the kitchen with our moral support. The whole humor of the evening was the fact that just on the other side of the kitchen door was the youth group who were in a very intense time of prayer and reflection, and we HAD to be ... yes ... QUIET.

It was at this time that we decided to check the spaghetti noodles, creative gals that we are, we sought all the methods known to us. It was suggested that we throw a noodle against the wall, if it sticks, its done. So I grabbed a noodle and threw it against the cupboard door. WHALA - done. I can't remember who it was that thought 'Hey since we were on a roll we should check the spaghetti sauce too, perhaps throw it too against the wall.' No, we didn't.

Yep, spaghetti on the wall friends. Fun and oh so needed. We T. P. each others houses (funny that one is married to a cop). And help landscape our yards with plastic seasonal flowers. One time my yard was so nicely decorated when arriving home from being gone a couple of days, only to watch the security tapes (my husband is a security specialist) and find my Oh so loved friends wearing glasses with mustaches ~ HA! Yep, love'em. You laugh, but you'll laugh more knowing that we are all over 40.

Get yourself some spaghetti on the wall friends, they make even the nerdiest gal laugh!

~ DeDe

Friday, April 25, 2008

When Life Gets Stupid

I heard a quote yesterday that I thought was SOOO good, I wrote it down, (though short enough to remember). I wanted to jot it in the back of my bible, (but I haven't yet). I think it good enough to place on the frig among all the photos of family and friends, (so I will).

The quote? "When life gets stupid". Isn't THAT so stinkin true! Life just gets stupid at times, with family, friends, church, ministry, chores, phone calls, emails, grocery shopping, baseball ... on and on the list goes!

I thought about this throughout the day yesterday. Hm, when life does 'get stupid', perhaps that stupidity takes it liberty, and brings along chaos with it, WHAT do I do with it (them) stupidity and chaos?

Wisdom! That 'w' word. Inviting the practical application of my God into my very moment. I think James must have had a few of these days, (1:5) he says 'those of you who lack wisdom ASK ...' He goes on to say 'ask the lady at the check out stand.' NO! Ask your very best buddy. NO! Ask GOD! God, who gives generously. And there ARE days that we NEED to tap into the 'generous' offer. Bring on the wisdom, pour it on heavy!

So, when life gets stupid, I will ask. Ask God about 'Sophia' (no it's not gossip, it is Greek for wisdom) and ask that He give it generously. Go God!

~ DeDe

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Passion Preached

This afternoon I had the great honor of sharing the Word at our church's Adults Alive Luncheon. The Senior saints gathered with joy, smiles and many hugs. The Seniors pastors are retiring, this was their 'sending off' luncheon, celebrating the next chapter of their lives.

While preparing, our sound man began to 'wire' me with a wireless microphone, to my own amusement at the second attempt we found that the 'over the ear' mic was rather too large to cover my ear, so (giggle) Lee scotch taped the wire running down the back of my neck - to my neck. I highly thanked him for not using a 'stapler'. THEN after I was graciously introduced, I took to the platform and found the mic wasn't working, looking to the gal who introduced me, lifting the back of my shirt, I asked her (publicly) 'would you turn me on?' She being as cute as ever, looked to the audience declaring 'I haven't been asked THAT in a LONG time'. This being the first impression these folks had of me. NOW I had their attention.

I spoke to them about Caleb, and his 'wholeheartedness' to serve and follow the Lord. What 'passion' Caleb had, I want that! PASSION. That 'deep gut burning', the place where only God can satisfy, and that desire for Him only warrants more desiring Him. Passion! May we have it, seek it, LIVE it.

~ DeDe

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crossing the River

This weekend, I attended our annual Women's Retreat, located in the winding west end of the Gorge, that separates the state of Oregon from Washington. The weather was spectacular. Clear and sunny!

The theme of the retreat was 'Come to the River'. Might I add, 'come as you are, but leave changed'. That is exactly what took place. Friday night we began the service with a strong, dynamic time of worship. Following worship we spoke about the masks that we wear, we were all given masks, (yes, that is me above, hiding behind my mask) then at one point we took them off, emphasising the NEED to be real and honest with each other. Most importantly honest with our God.

The weekend was FULL of the Holy Spirit rubbing our hearts, whispering in our ears, and enfolding us in His love. Sunday morning I had the sweet honor of speaking to the ladies about the River. There are different aspects of God's river that DEMANDS different responses from us. I spoke out of Joshua chapter 3, the river that needs to be crossed. Then out of 2 Kings 5, the need to be immersed in the river (devotional to come).

Coming the river requires a decision. There is most often the tendency to hover near the waters edge, from here we can see the other side, see and so long for the Promise Land, 'yet' we have to step into the water and cross to the other side. 'Come to the River' was not only a wonderful theme for us, but an invitation etched in gold leaf by the hand of God.
It has YOUR name on it too: "Come to the River, __________, meet with Me, saith the Lord"
A GOOD weekend. Hearts ~ minds ~ souls were impacted.
~ DeDe

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My 'Energizer' Grandma

This last weekend, I went down and helped celebrate my grandma's 99th birthday, yep that is right ... '99'. We call her the energizer grandma 'she just keeps going and going'. Though tired, physically and mentally, grandma has lived a long ~ good life. To the left (pictured above) is my mom, grandma, sister and me, three generations.

Can you imagine everything that she has seen in her lifetime, the inventions, the cures, fads come and go, and come back again (who would guess that lime green would be popular once again - go figure). Although we still don't have 'flying cars', technology alone has come a long way.

Our family has grown, Grandma Daisy had two daughters, those girls had a total of 7 children, and well ... we have really multiplied from there. How many people can say they have been given the opportunity to see their great-great grandchildren? Pictured here is grandma with such a grandchild, only a few weeks old.

Happy Birthday Grandma, may you hit '100'!

~ DeDe

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Day

Yesterday was a draining day, emotionally, physically, spiritually. I was running the moment my feet hit the floor, or so it seems. I was up at 4:30 - had my 'good morning Lord', conversation, and 'word' time. Love on a few people thru emails, reviewed what I needed for launching the new bible study. Then got my youngest up for school, and we were out the door by 7:40.

Arriving at the church a little after 8:00, I began to set up, ran from one end of the church to the other, (my ECC exercise program). Unlocking, and prepping for the childcare, pinning up the directions pointing to the study/childcare (we had new ladies coming). 'The BOOKS', oh ran and got those! Tables set, chairs in place, worship music playing, ladies creating, I slipped out for a moment to 'focus'.

Re-entering the room, so much 'energy'! The women were a buzz. Chatting, hugging, you'd think we missed more than only one week of study. After greeting the gals, we had a sweet time of worship. I then shared the vision for the new study of Psalms and the impact I am praying it has on us, as we seek Him, TRULY seek Him. We watched the teaching DVD. We were challenged, graciously challenged - to not stay where we are in God. Step up to a new level of 'knowing Him', wonderful. During the teaching time, I slipped out to check on the childcare, 13 children were all happy campers, and the adults were not driven crazy yet - all was good!

Then it was time to 'un- set up', take down all the tables, re-stack chairs, say good-bye to the gals, more hugs/chatting, praying, vacuuming, then paper work. I again continued my exercise routine by going across the church to close up, check on the childcare room, returning the baby swing.

As I was walking through the sanctuary, our sound / computer / janitor / grounds keeper / handyman / dude with the most keys of access, stopped me and said he had something for me, he handed me a CD full of Jewish music. I don't remember telling him, I LOVE Jewish music (Paul Wilbur is my favorite). Thanking him I continued on my way.

Sometime after noon, I headed home. Upon arriving, my teen son and husband were home. Supposing they were about their day as planned - hubby hurt his back a few days ago and has been laid up, I have been running around holding down the fort. Our teen son was going to go to work with him to help out. After loading the truck, that is as far as they made it.

After a few business calls, exhausted, I laid down for a few minutes, arising to hop in the car, run to the next town and pick up our little man from school. I looked down and remembered the CD that was handed to me. Inserted - 'Holy Spirit fall on me', began to fill the car. Ah! Ah! Deep breath! Sigh

After son retrieval, I rush home to prepare for an early dinner, WAIT - don't do THAT! We receive a business call, a client needs blueprints and needs them NOW. His day was going far more stressful than mine, so I hit the Starbucks on my way and pick him up an iced Mocha Frapichinno to help calm and cool his spirit. Finally make it home again, just in time to get the littlest guy ready for his first 'midget baseball' practice. I load him up, fortunately remembering his baseball glove. After parent/coach introductions, I slipped back to the car, strategically parked as to keep an eye on my little guy.

Ah, a quiet moment. Again I remember the CD handed to me. 'Holy Spirit fall on me'. Again another - sigh. Just before dark, practice is over and we head home. When the family is all comfy and cozy I slip into bed. 'Holy Spirit fall on me'.

Thank you Lee for the CD, it made my day!

~ DeDe

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

To The Lamb!

I enjoy reading, the books I read tend to be in 'text book' form, or as my close friends call ~ thick 'boring' looking books. To read for pleasure, such as a novel doesn't really fit in my schedule right now. I would rather tote a commentary around with me, or as sits on my night stand 'Barclay's NT Word Studies in Greek'.

I have been wanting to pick up 'again' Frank Perettti's 'This Present Darkness'. I have had it for years, started it, but never got through it, (and yes, I own the sequel too). This last week, I enjoyed a stroll around the second hand store and came upon 'This Present Darkness' on TAPE! Whahoo, someone can read to me!

So this morning as I drove around town, I popped it in, and before I knew it, I was ...'there'! It is a good thing, my red Ford Explorer can drive it's self (kidding).

The reading is very dramatic. At one point the warring angels gather and begin a victory chant, it sent chills up my spine, 'To the saints of God - and to the Lamb', as they raise their swords. The scene shifts to the um ... 'ucky' demonic dudes, they begin their battle plan, interesting to hear the dialogue. They speak of such tactics as: cause them to lose dreams, get them (saints) to stop praying. One demon was proud that he had rendered one man 'in-effective', yet the leader declared in the most sinister voice, 'don't merely render him in-effective - DESTROY HIM!

Then ... my driving was over. Tomorrow I continue the story.

May we too declare 'To the saints of God and to the LAMB,' as we raise our swords, 'which is the word of God' (Eph. 6:17)

Look out ucky demonic dudes!

~ DeDe