Thursday, December 25, 2008

Myrrh of CHRISTmas

Often we read through the Christmas story and highlight the most spectacular parts, singing angels … “Fear Not…” statements, the Star of Bethlehem, and yes the dingy manger. YET, there are some quiet and seem less significant items to be had in the excitement.

Consider if you would, the Magi as they prepare for their trek out to find the child to whom the Star belongs. They are packing, dividing up the supplies list, then they come to the gift inventory, gold is given to the first, then frankincense handed to another, ‘O yeah, the myrrh is last’. How would YOU like to be handed the myrrh, and picture yourself bowing low, head to the floor while you offer M-Y-R-R-H (said with an Eeyore deep tone) to the King of Kings! You may think “Dude, why do I have to carry the white elephant gift???”

AH… the gifts, gold, frankincense and MYRRH. Have we ever really thought WHAT is myrrh? I can assure us all that it was not a last minute addition, or a ‘re-gifting’ of an unwanted gift.

The divine significance of myrrh:

Exodus 30:22-23 Myrrh ~ an ingredient used in the anointing oil of the Tabernacle and the priests.

Luke 7:36-50 Myrrh ~ (myron) perfumed oil/ointment poured over Jesus’ feet.

John 19:39-40 Myrrh ~ used as one of the spices to prepare Jesus’ body for burial.

Picture now, the Christ child, perhaps two in age, curly dark hair, possibly pudgy cheeks. At His feet, men of wisdom and honor now place gold, frankincense and MYRRH. The anointing oil of the TABERNACLE and THE Priest. “The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us…” (John 1:14) The perfumed oil poured on His feet as a grown man, that soon would be pierced. The oil added to the spices wrapped around His body following His death.

Myrrh, how prophetic. A new appreciation for the gift.

Gifts given to Jesus have GREAT significance. It is our heart He wants. May we too bow low, offer what we may think insignificant.

Have a VERY blessed CHRISTmas!

In Him, DeDe (Ps. 92:4 “You thrill me, LORD…”)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Tree

Yep, it usually is all about the HUNT. Every year we go out as a family, roam the trees (as they ALL begin to look the same) for that ONE tree. Think about the tradition. How so very weird ... go get a live tree, cut that puppy down, strip it from its home, bring it into our house, place it in what MUST be a very uncomfortable stand, decorate it. Then pile brightly wrapped gifts under it.

The Tree... the stories it could tell, the years of standing in the field among all the other trees, some bigger, thinner, rounder, straighter, taller. The comments made about it, and the 'just pass on by' attitude. Then one day, a family comes and stands in front of it declaring 'THIS is the ONE!' The joy to be chosen! The satisfaction of purpose being fulfilled! O the joy of giving represented around that tree!

Us... standing among others, some bigger, thinner, rounder, straighter, taller. Comments made about us, and the 'just pass on by' attitude. Then one day JESUS comes and stands in front of us, declaring 'YOU are the One! The joy to be chosen! The satisfaction of purpose being fulfilled. The field now bare, because the grove keeper has transplanted them ALL!

In some ways we have much in common with the tree...

~ DeDe

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taken for Granted Blessedness

Yesterday, sitting in a comfy purple velvet over sized chair at Starbucks, I held my laptop on my knees, balancing my spiral journal, pencil between my teeth, and a warm 'Carmel Apple Cider' drink on the table next to me. Before I knew it, 3 HOURS had passed as folks came and went, caffeine dispensed, greetings exchanged, yet to be honest, it all became a blur to me as I studied.

In my pursuit to truly get my head around my current research of what it is to be 'blessed', I was amazed at the 'unaware', or might I say 'taken for granted blessedness' there really is. In this day and age, society states a completely different list of 'blessed are...' statements contrary to the list Jesus gives in The Beatitudes found in Matt. 5 (that is where I began, yet was taken back to the Psalms)

First, a quick definition of the Greek word for blessed, "The state of one who has become a partaker of God, to experience the fulness of God"

In a recent exercise posed to me, I looked at such a list we might write, here is a segment of a HUGE list:

Blessed are the beautiful
Blessed are the thin and shapely
Blessed are those who dwell in large houses
Blessed are those with BIGGER toys
Blessed are those with authority
Blessed are those with a title
Blessed are those with more education

Fascinating, most of these are external, and don't really hit and affect the inner man. Throughout the Bible, God shares His desire for us to share in His Kingdom, THERE is true 'blessedness'. Ps. 32:1 "Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered." Ps. 84:5 "Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim You, who walk in the light of Your presence". Ps. 112:1 "Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in His commands". And Proverbs 29:18 (O this is a dandy) "When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild, but whoever obeys the law is joyful" Or as the King Jimmy says "Blessed is he!"

God's Presence, delighting in Him, accepting His guidance... YES ! Blessedness taken for granted!

~ DeDe

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Wave of the Hand

Yesterday, as I was driving my youngest son to school, I waved at a couple of high school students as they awaited the arrival of the big yellow school bus. Then at the 4-way stop sign further down the street, I again lifted my hand at the passing car. My son asks, "Are you going to wave at EVERYONE?" Well, the thought then occurred to me, and told him, "yes, yes I am" while smiling into the rear view mirror to my son sitting behind me.

So I proceeded to do just that, to my sons embarrassment. As cars passed me, and the driver caught my eye, I raised my hand. Oh mind you, not one of those lean forward and wave your hand as to direct an incoming Boeing, but just the raise of the elbow and wrist. It was actually FUN!

In the early drizzle of the day, among the hopes of getting to the destination without traffic delays, or any other mishaps the automobile can offer, these folks got a ... 'wave'. Some smiled, some I am confident, wondered if I had WAY too much 'double shots' in my latte at the Starbucks drive through.

The word actually says, "greet one another with a holy kiss..." well... um (clearing the throat) THAT was a cultural practice, and in some parts of the world they are accustomed to that. But here ... a simple wave of the hand, a smile can express a kind greeting.

The wave of the hand, a smile and make'em wonder!

~ DeDe

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Watchful Eye

At the request of a friend, she asked that I look into the biblical understanding of what it is to guard your heart. I was taken to "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life" (Pro. 4:23)

At a quick glance this seems a simple act to do, 'guard your heart' ~ BUT, in the original Hebrew it is much MORE then a casual ... throw your hand up and stop things coming your way! It is a strong word (nasar), literally meaning, 'to imprison.' It conveys the idea of taking custody of something, and placing it under a watchful eye, even placing it under the care of an armed guard. THAT is some serious guarding.

When a guard is assigned his post, he is given very specific regulations, he is told his border of influence, and given the authority to enforce restraint. I appreciate how The Message, put it; "Keep vigilant watch..." The Hebrew Interlinear, actually uses 2 words, to capture the emphasis 'guard preserve.' Here, it broadens the picture, we are not only keeping a watchful eye on our heart, but also with the intent to preserve it, as to cover it, and place it in a very secure area!

The heart. Hm... small word that identifies so much: the seat of ones inner nature, the intellect, will and emotions. Interestingly it is closely related to 'nepesh' the soul.

So in short, it is up to us to guard, to place ourselves in a secure area, where a close eye can be kept on our mind, our decision making, and emotions. We are instructed in Ephesians chapter 6, to put on the armor of God, and taking up His weaponry of His word.

"Above all else..." (this is important, so DO it!) guard your heart ..." (get militant about it!) for it is the well spring of life" (the determining factor of your life).

Guard. (I know, easier said then done)

~ DeDe

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let's Talk Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving. A day set aside for those liberating themselves of the demonic enforced 'calorie count' (just kidding). A day with plans of food, fun, friends and family.

For many, the day begins with the tradition of watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade. As a child, this was our 'jammies' activity. Not that the parade actually interested us, but it was the long anticipated wait for the arrival of yes... Santa Claus. His appearance was announced with splashes of spouting snow flying off the corners of his sleighed float. While 'Jingle Bells' blared from the speaker system for all to hear.

For some, Thanksgiving means parked in front of the electronic entertainment box. Watching the tossing, running, and tackling of a football. While those same holiday participants watch the clock, waiting, LONGING for the afterglow of the couched ... NAP!

While all these fabulous activites are going on, the turkey carved and naked and BEFORE the fork sporting the last bite of chocolate pecan pie hits our lips ... give thanks! There is always something to thank the Creator for. Psalm 92:1 "It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord and sing praises unto Thy name, O Most High."
Pause... identify HIM, as the One who gives, protects, loves and extends so much to us. Give thanks!
Blessings, DeDe

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I LOVE how God is the orchestrator of all things. This week I am beginning an intense study of The Beatitudes, from Matthew chapter 5. I have always wanted to work through this portion of scripture. YET, it is HUGE, so I have enlisted the help of 5-6 pastors. THIS is going to be fun.

Just this morning I received my weekly Greek word study, offered through the internet, guess what this weeks word is??? Give up? Makarios! Totally cool! Makarios is 'blessed', as in the 'blessed are ...' statements of The Beatitudes. The writer of this weekly study is a Greek scholar and really knows his stuff, he usually takes WEEKS to work through one word.

Blessed ... 'the state of one who has become a partaker of God.'
I am really excited to dig in!
~ DeDe

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Come Just As You Are

L ast night I went to bible study in my pajama pants, Seaside Oregon sweatshirt, and my worn yet cozy slippers. My goal in such a stunt? To provide a visual aide for the gals. We are studying the Tabernacle of Moses, and we are up to the altar of sacrifice. The altar representing the covering of Jesus on our lives, we need only to come just as we are.

Sure there are times to get all gussied up, put on our very best, but this is not one of them. Atonement is covering. Regardless of what we are wearing, (inside or out) it then becomes overlain with the blood of Jesus.

So, that hoody you desperately love, cause it is SOOO comfy, the thick socks that the heel needs tending to, or the sweats that may not be too appealing ~ Come just as you are before the very presence of God!
~ DeDe

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Confess it!

The holidays are HERE. Amazing, we pause and attempt to gear up for the focus. Thanksgiving. My head and heart are wrapped around Ps. 136:1 "Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever." Give thanks... LOVE the Hebrew word ... 'yada', meaning to give thanks, worship with outstretched hands, and to confess.

We confess MUCH in our daily lives, expressed in our attitudes, actions and what we say. Are we confessing God? Confessing He is good? Or do we complain, whine and go on our merry way.

Thankfulness, (confession) is not a seasonal expression, a day on the calendar that we muster up a thankful thought, no it is a daily heart condition.

Give thanks to the Lord for His is GOOD!
Confession, being in agreement that God is WHO He said He is, and He is capable to do what He said He can. Join Thomas as he confessed 'My Lord and my God!" Intimate knowledge of the sacrifical love of God.
~ DeDe

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The 'Olden Days'

I am now on the OTHER side of the 'olden days' (sigh). I came across these pictures on one of my friends facebook pages. My college graduation 1985. WOW, my fingers had a hard time finding these numbers on the keyboard. Portland Bible College - Go Eagles!

I am the one in the red skirt. This was my hang out group - what a fun bunch of folks. Heck, now we all sport a bit of gray in our hair.

God is my God of the then, the God of my NOW, and my God for tomorrow.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Path Dweller

Proverbs 3:5-6 says "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight".

Life ~ it comes at us fast and hard sometimes ... mistakes, choices, adjustments. The path of life is bumpy, scary, quite the adventure one might say.

HOWEVER, we pick ourselves up - dust the grime of the path off us and begin walking again. THAT is the Christian path. Jesus is the Path Dweller. Full of compassion, mercy and always the extended hand to help us up every time we slip (and we will).

"He will make your paths straight." Those bumps will smooth out. Twists and turns will soon become even. Take the hand of the Path Dweller. When doing so, our footing more secure, and the VIEW spectacular along the way!
~ DeDe

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holy Windows

Ever feel those moments when life seems to smack you into a wall. And that wall aint comin down. Daniel was up against such walls, (Daniel 6) YET daily he went to his room and prayed with open windows. God will provide open windows for us, we just need to decorate those windows, enjoy the view and the breeze that flows through.

God is Good!

~ DeDe

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Pouring

So here we are ... rain. As an Oregonian, I SHOULD be used to this. As one whom lives in the Pacific Northwest, I should expect this. But ... head hung, eyes cast down, boo-boo lips out, "I dont like it" (whine ~ whine).

Pull out the umbrella, dart over the puddles, and set those shoes out to dry, yep... I am an Oregonian.

BUT - there is always another umbrella to dream of ...

~ DeDe

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gimme A BREAK !!!

Alright I am all over the holidays. LOVE the holidays. BUT. Seeing the Christmas wrapping paper in the stores NOW is alittle over the top. Yet THAT still doesn't grind the chock board like THIS... There actually is a house on our street that has their house decorated, and it has been this way ALL week.

Gimme a BREAK! The first of November?? Where is the turkey, where is Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving.
O Bruther! (had to share)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Googling God

Have you noticed how easy it is to just sit down at the computer and have SO much at your finger tips? What once took eons to find out, now comes to you in a flash ... well ... depending on your Internet speed.

'Google' has become a common house hold term, right up there with the ancient phrase 'look it up in the dictionary dear'. We can google until our hearts content, or until our eyes become heavy from starring at the white computer screen.

I surf and google quite often when doing my own research, I have found sites that actually tickle my fancy with Hebrew Lexicons (O the JOY!) hermeneutical commentaries, theological insights AND pages and pages of images to help me tell my stories. What an awesome tool this google.

The totally cool and amazing aspect of this is, God is so accessible now. I have noticed folks are googling God. My own website has had over 8,000 visits. These people may just type in a simple word of interest and WHALA, before they know what hit them, they have Yahweh in their face, (kidding).

But what a gift... type in a word and get God stuff. This has spurred me on... I am excited again about writing. Pull out the dusty books, bookmark the Lexicons, and underline the verses, type up a storm. If folks are googling God, I will help give them something to find.

Graciously googling God with grand gratitude!

~ DeDe

Saturday, October 25, 2008

THAT Takes Courage

Y esterday, I walked my son into school, HIGH SCHOOL! My goal was to make it to the administration office, clearing him to be gone on a hunting trip. As I walked across the cement walk ways, I shivered, and mind you it was not just due to the chilly fall air.

As those glass doors opened, I felt myself react involuntary, a slight fear over took me. Hundreds ~ HUNDREDS of kids! I have never felt so short. Here I am, a middle aged woman, dwarfed by the next generation. I can plainly see that black is the color choice of these mini adults.

We made it safely into the sanctuary of the office, as we entered into the more quiet arena, I said to my son 'THAT took courage", apparently stating that with the deafening ear I had obtained in the hall way, I said it rather loud, the staff members all burst out in laughter, as one echoed my declaration with her own "you got THAT right".

The high school I attended was very small, and those joining me in numbers was represented in the door way of my sons school. HOW do they do this, day in and day out. I asked my son, if this was the layout of a normal day, "Yep". Hm... no wonder our youth are timid in some ways, and screaming for attention in others. They can't get past the front doors without being impacted by a crowd.

THAT takes courage. May our youth be 'girded' with God.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have the wonderful privilege of doing research for my pastor, this week I was commissioned to pull out the text books and look at faith ...

The bible speaks of faith, and faithfulness, over 60 times it refers to the faithfulness of God, 40 of those instances occur in the Psalms. Not surprising as Psalms tends to be a book of transparency of heart, written sonnets if you will, of the struggles of the Godly AND their total dependence on God being faithful.

It is taking this commitment that God has to us, and wallpapering our hearts with it (ok, a little too poetic, but true). Faith (faithfulness) in the Greek is 'pistis' it is translated faith, belief, trust and conviction. In some respect, faith is a very intimate concept, it is that 'firm conviction of the truthfulness of God'. Applying who God is ~ what God says to my life, and then responding back to Him in that understanding. Literally it is to win over, to persuade. God's desire is to win us over... win us from the world, its pull, its distractions, its impending doom. Once fully convinced of the righteous motivation of God for us, His love and mercy, THEN we too take on a carefulness in preserving what is committed to our trust ... to share God with others.

Faith ...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dwelling Relationship

Interesting, hm... interesting. Last night at bible study, we were looking at the Tabernacle of Moses, absolutely LOVE this study. During the teaching video, I was off on my own little jaunt, not that she wasn't interesting enough, but God had me else where for a few minutes.

I noticed that God wanting to dwell with us, takes many shapes and forms, twists and turns. What jumped out at me was, that the God who created the universe, whose throne is heaven and foot stool is the earth, He too created the first dwelling place with man. Genesis 2:8 says "... the LORD God had planted a garden..." God planted the garden, and brought man there. Adam came to God's place (in a sense).

To make a long story short, man mucked things up, got kicked out of God's place. BUT... God still wanted man. Fast forward. Exodus 25, God is telling Moses about building the Tabernacle. He says, "...have them make a sanctuary for Me, and I will dwell among them." Hm... now man is to do the making. Man is to construct, create the dwelling place. WHY? Why, when the all powerful God, could have just spoke, and the Tabernacle would be.

The first dwelling in the garden was free, man just was, God walked with man. Man named the animals, found a woman there, yes paradise. Life was good. God created for man. This new dwelling place is in the WILDERNESS! Dusty, no rivers flowing, no endless supply of food and water. Man now created for God. There was work, participation required, sacrifice. Man had to find the supplies, use his own resources. It was going to cost man.

Amazing. God calls us to a dwelling relationship. It may cost us. Sacrifice, participation, the use of our resources. In all essense... we are created for God, while we in turn, we make room, if need be, CREATE room for God to dwell with us.

Yes, these thoughts are extreme, and not complete, but they helped me to see and understand God's desire for man, and in that desire, He desires to see man ... desire HIM.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I love this time of year. The changing of the seasons, from summer to autum. The colors are so vibrant. The smells potent. The air crisp. There are times I walk outside and just take a huge breath, breathe in the wonder of the season.

I enjoy also the beckoning of a patchwork blanket in the evenings, the lighting of candles, the warmth of a fire. Early mornings when the house is hushed, dim with light, I frequent the eastern picture window, as the sun rises. Bringing with it the color as if brushed with the artists hand, hues of water splashed with color. Pinks, yellows, and orange. The colors of ... joy.

I love this time of year. Seasons of the heart.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Walk With Me

"Walk with me, this morning", says the Lord. The morning is lovely. The air so fresh it nearly takes your breath away. Drink it in again, and again, intoxicate yourself with the newness of the day, as My mercies wash over you. I smile with overcome joy, as you join me.

Take My hand as I share My creation with you. The trees are dancing to the breeze, light, yet consuming as the leaves are taken to flight and whispped away. The colors are a soft blend of oranges, yellows and reds often not found in a crayon box, though bold and sensational.

"Look up..." our heads tilting to the sky. Dazzling ~ the brilliance of shining blue, I polished it with My own hand ... just for you. The depth of blue is more captivating than that of sapphire, is it not? What contrast of blue and swaying orange. Can you feel the lean of the trees as they match the wind with movement? Hear the rustle of leaves as they rub against one another? It is as if a ballet of sorts is birthed, bending and swaying, leaps and delicate stretches. The dance of the leaves.

"Walk with me", as we near a covered bridge, where swallows have made their home, dashing about only to make their presence known. Our feet blow the leaves away with each step, causing too the crunch of those left under foot.

Pausing now, we peek out the wood carved window on the bridge, leaning to see the river pass below. A rhythm, swift, moving along as destined, just as My lovingkindness flows for you, always going, never stopping.

Further still we meander, no hurry, following the road paved with small pebbles and crushed rock. The path straight and inviting. Trees lining the road as if saluting us, while branches wave as welcoming banners. Off to the left a meadow, open and grand. Here too we stop and admire the open spaces of My kingdom, room to run and freedom to be. My hand defines the spaces, My hand creates the road, My hand directs the breeze.

"Walk with me", as we venture on to a serene intimate pond. Our gaze fixed on the hugues of color, the tantalizing stillness. The water as it trickles over the stone. Quiet, so quiet... demanding even sound to stop and admire the beauty. Awe inspiring isnt it? Take in the moment and etch it in your memory.

Stepping softly away as not to tamper with My divinely painted corner, leaving it as your eyes first saw it. Picture this when you feel the brush of My finger across your cheek, whispering "be still and know that I am God.."

"Walk with me", as our journey continues from one land scape to another. Enjoying the pleasure of My company, receiving My acceptance as you are. See what I see, hear what I hear, and feel what I feel. The beauty created by My presence, the path goes on. "Walk with Me again."

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Time to Play

I am learning to 'play'. I NEED to play. Take time, energy and seek things, events, and people that cause me to enjoy life a little more. Last night I went to a High School football game. A dear friends son, is a senior and wears proudly number #62. I didn't really have a clue what was going on down on the field, but I did enjoy the energy in the stands as the burgundy team ran across the end zone carrying the leather ball.

Play. Mr. Webster describes play as to 'have fun, and amuse oneself.' Hm.. self inflicted amusement. Never thought of it that way. I think I can do that. So, I will put on some weird glasses (my son and I on vacation, as we 'played' in the store) continue to dance down the isles at the store (to my boys horror) and sing alittle louder, stay a little longer during the sunset, smile bigger, eat more chocolate, wander the isles of the Goodwill (its the hunt) even swing on the swing at the park, yell at a football game. All the while define it as 'self inflicted amusement'. Whahoo, bring on the amusement!

Time to play...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nothing But Time

This week I spent a few days on the farm. My family and I made the 3 hour trek up North into Washington. Visiting some dear friends of mine, she, a mother in the Lord, hosted us graciously. (yes, this is me pictured 'walking a goat')

Life on the farm is slow compared to the city life, BUSY but slow paced. I needed that pace for a few days. When you slow down, the thoughts in your head are much clearer. Nothing but time to think.

One morning, I strapped on my MP3 player, coat and with a mug of French Vanilla coffee drink I headed out for a 2 hour walk. I walked and walked. Around the little community, sat on the dew soaked swing at the school yard, on the steps of the classrooms as I sipped my coffee drink. A couple of deer stood and watched as I meandered about. I soon headed down to the field. Through the barnyard, down the dusty drive, pass the electric fences.

Once in the pasture, the atmosphere changed. The quiet. A 100 acres around me of quiet. Nothing but time to think.

Think and pray. I am now back home in the hustle and bustle of fast paced city life, but the thoughts from the quiet I bring with me.

Nothing but time...

Friday, August 8, 2008

I Can't see ...

"I can't see ~ I can't see, there's something (almost) in my eye!" The cries of a new wearer of contacts. Personally I feel if Jesus had preached His sermon on the Mt. regarding the 'log in your own eye', using modern analogy, a contact would indeed be used! O the PAIN!

I have yet to have a successful landing. Laugh you might, but nay I travail! Amazing, how the eye closes and cries profusely when the finger comes near. I weep like a child on the first day of school, carrying on so. I made 3 attempts today, and gave up only after a puddle of cleaning solution began to flow across the bathroom counter.

Tomorrow. A new day! I will yet again, fight the good fight!

ps... stop laughing at me.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Did I Mention Sun!

I now sport a T-shirt that says "I survived CAMPING". Totally kidding, but hey it may sell! I am not big on camping, now give me a cozy cabin near a lake with the faint sound of a loon signing its love song out my window, the rhythmic beat of the breeze making its way through the trees, while the sun dances across the water as if to skip with delight. Then yes, bring on camping!

REALITY CHECK ... nope. Tent. sleeping bag. Dirt. Smoke in eyes. RAIN! Yes, rain, the last day as I awoke tangled in my sleeping bag, I heard the slight pat of the rain drops as they fell on the tent. My heart sank, I knew that being this high in elevation, that those small water droplets will indeed turn into a gust of wind, and hurricane force rain torrent. Ok, so I exaggerate a bit. But we did end up packing up everything BUT the kitchen sink, in the rain, soaked to the bone. A 3 hour journey folks! That is what was predicted with Gilligan's tour was it not?

We did have 2 glorious days of sun - sun and did I mention SUN! I took the opportunity to sit near the waters edge for my morning devotions. A place where I return to each year. Quiet and soothing. At one point my oldest son and myself found a wonderful spot (where the above picture was taken of Mt. Hood) to read and soak in the warmth of the mountain air. As we did a bald eagle swooped down in front of us.

A tradition ~ frog hunting. Yes, this bible thumping teacher loves to frog hunt. My son and I hike a short distance to a small pond, it is hidden amongst the trees so tight, I have never seen anyone else there. (Joshua pictured above at pond) I love the hike, to chat with my 15 year old, is special and memorable. The frogs? Two came home with us.
The days crossed off the calendar, an adventure survived.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Note to Self

Note to self: Reminder ~ Enjoy the SUNSHINE! I love a beautiful sunny morning. There is joy in a morning walk, when my surroundings have that fresh scent, perhaps the ground still damp with the dew, and the birds singing their glorious morning hymns.

I have been reminded lately to 'enjoy'. Enjoy my surroundings, enjoy those in my life and for crying out loud have some FUN! Over the past few years, I have taken on a serious tone, I am ready and open for BALANCE!

I was asked recently "DeDe what do you do for fun?" the question was followed with a quick "besides your focus on Bible Study." Hm... I couldn't answer her. Yet the first thought that came to mind was, I have a very mischievous side to me that the Lord has needed to temper, yet there are moments of relapse and remnants of 'fly under the radar and be a prankster'. But, being the Godly Spirit-filled woman that I am, I chose NOT to share this (in a room FULL of gals).

So, I have been on a quest for FUN. Just days after the fun question was asked of me, I was given the offer to learn Italian with a dear friend. HEY, that is it! It's not Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic... so I can officially label it as FUN!

So make a note to yourself ... in search of FUN! (fly under the radar if need be, TP a house or two ~ smile)

Vedere tu in chiesa, Dio tu benedica (see you in church, God bless you)

ciao DeDe